Welcome to Total Lockdown!

Battle royale taken to a whole new level!

TOTAL LOCKDOWN is a multiplayer online Action/Shooter/Battle Royale game. A player has to assume the role of one of the hundred participants of the dystopian "Total Lockdown" TV show and make every effort to survive till the end of the match. Victory will go to the only surviving participant!

Total Lockdown is set in the gloomy and cruel cyberpunk world of tomorrow, in a huge skyscraper turned into a 24-story arena in which gladiators of the 21st century fight to the death for high ratings. Enjoy a wide selection of weapons and equipment, amazing inventions of the future, as well as complete freedom of movement and action!

One of the most important features of the game is the "vertical" gameplay: characters have to move up and down between the floors of the skyscraper each of which has its own set of unique traits that influence the tactics greatly. This approach allows making the gameplay more diverse and favorably distinguishes Total Lockdown from other examples of the "Battle Royale" genre.

Can there be a "Battle Royale" without weapons? Unlikely, right? In Total Lockdown, players have access to the broadest selection of murder tools: from vintage shotguns to the most exotic futuristic models. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, determining their effectiveness on certain types of floors.

The project is currently at the Alpha test stage. The development of new types of characters and weapons is underway, the mechanism of customizing their appearance is being introduced together with animations, emotions and other elements that will help to make the game as entertaining and interesting as possible. Stay tuned!